Cellular Microenvironment and Signaling Architecture

Functional Omics Technologies, Systems Biology,
RTK Signaling and Trafficking, Breast Cancer

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We aim at uncovering the molecular mechanisms underlying signaling specificity and cellular outputs during breast cancer progression and metastasis by a "functional proteomics" approach.

the projects

System biology analysis of FGFR signaling in breast cancer
Functional proteomic analysis of breast cancer metastasis
Compartmentalized cellular signaling
Mathematical modeling of proximal cellular signaling


about me

Chiara Francavilla
Chiara got her PhD in Molecular Medicine in Milan in 2009 and, after six years in Copenhagen as a post-doctoral fellow working on "functional proteomics", Chiara started her own group as a Wellcome Trust-funded independent fellow at the University of Manchester in 2016.
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