@DTU Bioengineering and @University of Manchester

Team interests

We aim at uncovering the molecular mechanisms underlying signalling architecture and cellular outputs in different model systems (breast cancer and skin models in two- and three-dimensions, co-culture, PDXs, patient samples).

We focus on how:

* the cellular microenvironment affects signalling architecture and cell survival

* trafficking of receptor tyrosine kinases (RTKs) from and to the plasma membrane regulates the balance between cell proliferation, motility, and survival

* functional selectivity determines cell fate

We integrate quantitative mass-spectrometry-based (phospho) proteomics and metabolomics, bioinformatics analysis, mathematical modelling, AI, functional assays, and advanced imaging techniques.

We collaborate with experts in omics, cell signalling, and bioinformatics nationally and internationally and we are very active in the signalling and omics communities.

The final goal is to identify and characterize proteins with key roles in cellular signalling and cell survival which can be targeted for personalized intervention in human diseases.

Workflow used by the Francavilla_team

Team Publications

Samad S.S., Schwartz J.M.*, Francavilla C.*Functional selectivity of Receptor Tyrosine Kinases regulates distinct cellular outputs.(2024).Front Cell Dev Biol .Jan 8:11:1348056. doi: 10.3389/fcell.2023.1348056.
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Ogden S., Ahmed I., Yang S.H., Fullwood P.; OCCAMS consortium; Francavilla C.*, Sharrocks A.D.*Oncogenic ERRB2 signals through the AP-1 transcription factor to control mesenchymal-like properties of oesophageal adenocarcinoma.(2023).NAR Cancer.Jan 23;5(1):zcad001. doi: 10.1093/narcan/zcad001. eCollection 2023 Mar.
Watson J., Ferguson R.H., Brady R.M., Ferguson J., Fullwood P., Mo H., Bexley K.H., Knight D., Howell G., Schwartz J-M., Smith M.P.*, Francavilla C.* Spatially resolved phosphoproteomics reveals fibroblast growth factor receptor recycling-driven regulation of autophagy and survival.(2022).Nat Commun.Nov 3;13(1):6589. doi: 10.1038/s41467-022-34298-2.
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* corresponding author

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Current Team Members @University of Manchester and @DTU Bioengineering

Simon Sugar
Post-doc 2024-2026
Funded by NNF YI Award@DTU Bioengineering
Jessica Price
Research Assistant 2023-2024
Funded by Wellcome Trust @University of Manchester
Sara Latini
Post-doc 2024-2026
Funded by NNF YI Award@DTU Bioengineering
Sean Sebastian Hughes
Funded by NNF YI Award@DTU Bioengineering
Jennifer Ferguson Haworth
Post-doc 2022-2025
Funded by Wellcome Trust @University of Manchester
Paul Fullwood
Experimental Officer
Funded by The University of Manchester and by UKRI@University of Manchester
Sakim Samad
BBSRC PhD student 2022-2026
Funded by BBSRC. Co-supervised with Dr Jean-MarcSchwartz@University of Manchester
Jill Parker
Technician 2023-2026
Funded by BBSRC with Prof Phil Woodman@University of Manchester
Hanyi Mo
PhD student 2021-2024
self-funded. Co-supervised with Dr Jean-Marc Schwartz@University of Manchester
Vahap Canbay
Post-doc 2024
Funded by Leo Foundation@DTU Bioengineering
Elizabeta Madzharova
Post-doc 2024
Founded by Danish Cancer Society@DTU Bioengineering
Chatpakorn Rassameena Christiansen
PhD student 2024
Founded by LEO Pharma@DTU Bioengineering

Previous Team Members

Emily Goodall – PhD student funded by BBSRC (2019-2023) Joseph Parsons – PhD student funded by CancerUK (2018-2022) Jennifer Ferguson – technician funded by BBSRC (2018-2022) Harriet Ferguson – PhD student funded by BBSRC (2018-2022) Joanne Watson – PhD student funded by BBSRC (2017-2021). Postdoc funded by MRC (2021 – 2022) Tom Kedward – PhD student funded by BRC (2017-2021) Dr Michael Smith – Postdoc funded by Wellcome Trust (2018-2021) Dr H. Sun – technician funded by Wellcome Trust (2018)Dr K. Kowalczyk – postdoc funded by Wellcome Trust (2016-2018)


Visiting scientists

Peristera Roboti (2022)


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