Since Tuesday March the 17th 2020 all team members has started working from home because of the Coronavirus lock-down.

We have a What’s app group to keep in contact with daily messagges, weekly Zoom meetings where we share our experience and concerns, but also review papers, discuss future plans, and invite guests to learn new skills, and we keep our regular 121 meetings via Zoom as well.

We set up new short-term, medium-term, and long-term goals for each member and for each project and we will revised them during every meeting considering the challenging and constantly changing circumstances.

Michael and Chiara are writing the first manuscript of the group; Jo, Joe, and Harriet are analyzing phosphoproteomics datasets, learning new skills for their PhD training, and writing the first chapters of their thesis; Paul and Jen are preparing litterature overviews of different topics to impriove the team knowledge and to keep updated in the field of proteomics, cell and cancer cell biology. Paul will probably be a volounteer to help with the Coronavirus testing in Manchester. Chiara is also writing grants and keeping in contacts with collaborators to discuss new ideas and directions for the group.

In conclusion, we are concern for the uncertain situation as everybody else but we have decided to make good use of this time to focus on our wellbeing and to learn something new about science.