Quantitative Phosphoproteomics, Cellular Signaling, Imaging, Mathematical Modelling, AI

  • Patrick CASWELL, FBMH, The University of Manchester, UK: Cell migration and invasion in 3D.
  • Jean-Marc SCHWARTZ, FBMH, The University of Manchester, UK: Mathematical modeling of cellular signaling.
  • Phil WOODMAN, FBMH, The University of Manchester, UK: Mechanisms of RTK trafficking.
  • Rob CLARKE, MCRC, Manchester, UK: Breast cancer metastasis signaling networks.
  • Ciara o’BRIEN, The Christie, Manchester: Breast cancer metastasis.
  • Mike HEILEMANN, University of Frankfurt, Germany: Advanced imaging of FGFR.
  • Richard SCHELTEMA, University of Utrecht, The Netherlands. Structural proteomics.
  • Gloria LOPEZ-CASTEJON, FBMH, The University of Manchester, UK. Signalling in macrophages.
  • Alex BREEZE, University of Leeds, UK. FGFR structural biology.
  • Rainer BREITLING. FSE, The University of Manchester, UK. Omics data integration.
  • Sara ZANIVAN, Beatson, Glasgow, Omics of protein oxidation and reduction.
  • David SUMPTON, Beatson, Glasgow, Metabolomics.

Chiara Francavilla

Chiara got her PhD in Molecular Medicine in Milan in 2009 and, after six years in Copenhagen as a post-doctoral fellow working on "functional proteomics", Chiara started her own group as a Wellcome Trust-funded independent fellow at the University of Manchester in 2016.
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